Thursday, August 28, 2008

#058 - 008, Perpetual Mess Linden. Moscow ID

Start 08-22-08. 16 man hours. Linden rained down perpetual mess on patio. Much better suited for lawn area. Jon and I were both up in the tree to start with. This is very efficient if you can get everyone up in the trees right away. We try not to have grunts to do the ground work that can't climb. Our main focus is training climbers. There is a tremendous growing demand for arborists in other parts of the country. Kathleen and Natalie tend ropes and process limbs, brush, and firewood. It's fun to do little jobs like this in a more labor intensive, simpler, safer, quieter way. No chipper. No bucket truck. Mostly hand saws.

Natalie. Stomping and chomping the trailer.
This trailer is the best tool I ever bought. We use it to haul horses, hay, lumber, furniture, brush, you name it. Cheapest dump truck in the world. Nice and low to the ground because there's no hoist. [Guy working for an outfit in Lewiston was killed last year when a dump bed came down on him.] We unload it with the cable that runs under the brush. You just need something to hook on to, or another truck to pull it off.


mavis said...

how come it looks like you're up in the tree talking on your cell phone?

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